SomaDerm Gel Amazon vs Direct

SomaDerm Gel Amazon Sales are Not Permitted

According to the New U Life policies, any sales of SomaDerm Gel on Amazon are not authorized. This is to support the authorized distributors involved in direct selling. See the policy by New U Life below:

“To support the Company’s direct selling distribution channel and to protect the independent contractor relationship, Distributors agree that they will not sell New U Life products in any wholesale, warehouse, or discount establishment, or any online auction or buy-sell site (including but not limited to eBay, Amazon, TaoBao) or any facility whose business primarily obtains revenue from product sales to walk-in traffic without prior written approval from New U Life.”

Buy SomaDerm Gel Direct

We recommend ordering SomaDerm Gel directly from the manufacturer New U Life, by ordering through an official site. Buy SomaDerm Gel from an authorized seller to ensure you are getting a genuine product with all of the guarantees by New U Life, in case you need to return the SomaDerm Gel.

Warning: Do Not Buy SomaDerm Gel from Unauthorized Sellers

While many people are searching for SomaDerm Gel Amazon – you may not be able to find any SomaDerm Gel products or other New U Life products on Amazon. This is because New U Life policies prohibit the sale on Amazon, Ebay, and other third party sites. If you are able to find results for your search ‘SomaDerm Gel Amazon’ on an unauthorized site – we do not recommend purchasing as it could be expired, or even counterfeit products. These products will not include the same product guarantee as provided by New U Life.

Where to Buy SomaDerm Gel

If you are looking for where to buy SomaDerm Gel, you can get it for the best price through a monthly subscription directly from the manufacturer New U Life. This is the best way to order New U Life SomaDerm Gel because you can be sure that it will be fresh and properly stored before it arrives directly at your door.

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